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Health Benefits

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Moringa is known to help with:


• Headaches

• Hysteria

• Intestinal worms

• Jaundice

• Lactation

• Malaria

• Pain in joints

• Pimples

• Pregnancy

• Psoriasis

• Respiratory disorders

• Scurvy

• Semen deficiency

• Skin infections

• Sore throat

• Sores

• Sprain

• Stomach ulcers

• Tuberculosis

• Tumor

• Urinary disorders

• Wounds C


• Anxiety

• Asthma

• Blackheads

• Blood impurities

• Blood pressure

• Bronchitis

• Catarrh

• Chest congestion

• Cholera

• Colitis

• Conjunctivitis

• Cough

• Diabetes

• Diarrhea

• Dropsy

• Dysentery

• Eye /Ear infections

• Fever

• Glandular swelling

• Gonorrhea

Nutrition Facts:
Moringa is a unique plant because almost all parts of it — leaves, seeds, flowers/pods, stem, and roots can be used as a source for nutrition and other medicinal properties.
The most popular medicinal use of this plant involves drying and grinding down moringa leaves, where most of the antioxidants are found.

Nutritional analysis has shown that Moringa leaves are extremely nutritious. In fact, they contain larger amounts of several important nutrients than the common foods often associated with these nutrients.

These include vitamin C, which fights a host of illnesses including colds and flu; vitamin A, which acts as a shield against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhea, and many other diseases; Calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth and helps prevent osteoporosis; Potassium, which is essential for the functioning of the brain and nerves, and Proteins, the basic building blocks of all our body cells.

Because of the concentrated source of vitamin A, it’s given to children in third-world countries every year who suffer from life-threatening vitamin A deficiency, which is linked to impaired immune function. Consuming it can also improve the intake of trace minerals, amino acids, and phenolic compounds.

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Gram for gram, the plant contains:
- Two times the amount of protein of yogurt
- Four times the amount of vitamin A as carrots
- Three times the amount of potassium as bananas
- Four times the amount of calcium as cow’s’ milk
- Seven times the amount of vitamin C as oranges


" After my second week of taking Moringa, I was able to remove my knee brace and my hot flashes went away.  My hubby works the extra early shift and was able to wake up easier also"

Carleen Kelekoma

Radiance Hair Salon


I'm 84 years old and Moringa has made my skin more smoother.  My high blood pressure has also gone done."

Vicky Laporga

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